Search Engine Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is also known as paid marketing. SEM’s main target is to increase the visibility of a website on SERP (search engine result page) by the means of paid activities.

How Search Engine Optimization is different from Search Engine Marketing?

  • SEO involves organic or unpaid traffic whereas SEM involves paid traffic like PPC (Pay per Click) advertising.
  • SEM helps in generating instant website to the website while SEO is a long-term approach and requires time to generate traffic.
  • Just in case SEM has no risk that your website is banned by the search engines, on the other side SEO there is a risk that your website may be banned by the search engines if you use black hat techniques.

Techniques that SEM Service Includes

  • PPC (Pay per Click Advertising)
  • Pay for Inclusion or PFI

Why we chose these SEM Techniques?

  • More inbound traffic: World Wide Web never sleeps, SEM helps in generating traffic 24*7 although in short span of time. We approached this technique for the reason that it helps in generating more relevant traffic.
  • Cost effective: It is more cost effective when you compare SEM with the other techniques like online advertising media.
  • Flexible technique: We can begin and end the campaigns as per your business needs as well as vary the investment that we make in accordance with the requirements, which give us more flexibility in terms of cost.
  • Helpful in building and protecting Brand: Once a business or a website gets listed in Pay Per Click advertising, it will automatically authenticate the business as an approved business.
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