Data Entry

Our data entry service focus on entering the information or data into the computer or a system database which helps in accessing data more easily and conveniently.


Why would you choose Daytas for Data Entry?

  • Lower cost
  • Time saving
  • Helps in managing the whole data easily
  • Total data security
  • Helps in improving productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduces risk of data loss

Types or services that the Data Entry Program of Daytas include


Data Mining

The main goal of data mining service is to collect information and then convert them into understandable format. In other words, focusing on extracting information so that it can be easily understandable.

Why do we do Data Mining?

  • Makes data easy to understand
  • Helps in analyzing the data

Data Research:

In Data research we aim on creating, manipulating and observing data to produce exact research results.

  • Data researched can be re-used for future research and analysis.
  • Increase opportunities of attraction with the other researchers.
  • Researched data is safe and secure for future use.

Offline Data Entry:

Offline Data entry is preferable for long term projects. Our responsible team members handle these projects with superfluous attention and dedication. Here, the output is built in a particular formats as per client requirements.

Why would you use us for Offline Data Entry?

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Experienced Team

Image Data Entry:

Image Data Entry is Organizing images into particular required format.

How we do Image Data Entry?

  • Our conversion does not affect the quality of a product; i.e. no compromise on quality.
  • Daytas team has hands on experience on handling these projects.

Book Data Entry:

It helps us in managing reports, publications etc., and widely used by many companies or businesses.

The practice of Book Data Entry;

  • Using for marketing purpose by submitting on various digital media sites.
  • Enhances usability of data.
  • Saves thousands of working hours.

Data Extraction

Huge amount of collected data from different media like internet, in small or large files and managing that data is a crucial task. Our data extraction service helps in making this task easy and convenient to understand.

Data Extraction;

  • Eliminates hassles.
  • Makes easy to collect data from various sources.
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